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Are you looking for effective clothes washing products for the whole family? Do you want fabric softeners that smell really long and intense? Or maybe you need a special solution for removing particularly difficult stains? The Perlux product line will certainly meet your expectations! We offer innovative laundry capsules, gentle washing gels, softeners and reliable stain removers. High performance and fabric protection are the features that unite all Perlux products, ensuring excellent results with every wash.

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Laundry capsules

Perlux hybrid laundry capsules combine the best of washing powder and gel. They are enriched with the “Triple Effect” formula to provide triple benefits – cleanliness, residue-free fabric protection and a long-lasting fresh fragrance. The capsules have a dissolvable film that releases the active ingredients even in delicate laundry at as low as 30 degrees! Discover a new dimension of laundry with our hybrid laundry capsules and enjoy maximum efficiency and convenience.

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Laundry gels

Perlux concentrated laundry gels are perfect for washing delicate fabrics, while effectively removing stains and dirt. The line of gels with the Triple Care Active formula stands out not only for their beautiful fragrances, but also for their ability to protect the colors of clothes. We know that delicate clothes require lower wash temperatures, so Perlux laundry gels are specially formulated to meet these needs. Just one measure is enough to restore freshness, cleanliness and color depth to your fabrics.

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Perlux softeners are the perfect way to spice up your fabrics. Captivating floral scents, delicate formula and anti-static properties will make your fabrics extremely pleasant to the touch and easy to iron. In our offer you will find liquids with added perfumes that delight with intense fragrances, as well as a version specially formulated for delicate skin to take care of your family’s comfort and safety.

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Stain removers

Perlux stain removers are cleaners for special tasks. Their power of action is based on the Power Oxy formula, that is, the use of active oxygen, which effectively penetrates stains and permanently removes them from the fabric. Worried about the condition of your clothes? Our stain removers do not contain chlorine, so they are safe for the structure and original color of fabrics, while providing excellent cleaning results.