Kapsułki piorące Perlux
Kapsułki piorące Perlux

Laundry gels

Perlux laundry gel is a safe and highly efficient detergent for washing a variety of fabrics. One bottle is enough for up to 48 washing cycles. Thanks to its unique formula, it provides excellent cleanliness even at low washing temperatures. Dermatological tests confirm its safety for delicate skin.

Thanks to the innovative “Triple Care Active” technology, the product effectively eliminates all impurities while protecting colors and leaving a pleasant fragrance.



Leaves a pleasant floral fragrance

Available in two variants:

Perlux kapsułki

Perlux Color Washing Gel

A lily of the valley scented gel that protects colored clothes from fading.

Perlux All-Purpose Washing Gel

The violet-scented gel is recommended for washing white fabrics, but will also work well for colored laundry.

Perlux kapsułki

Directions for use

Pour the appropriate amount of gel (40 ml – one cap) into the washing machine drawer, then turn on the washing machine, using the appropriate washing program. For heavily soiled laundry, use 80 ml of gel (two capfuls).

żel do prania Perlux