Kapsułki piorące Perlux
Kapsułki piorące Perlux

Laundry capsules

Perlux hybrid laundry capsules are an innovative, super-concentrated laundry detergent with powder and gel. Thanks to the modern “Triple effect” technology, they guarantee color retention, residue-free fabric protection and a fresh fragrance for a long time.

Excellent washing and stain removal properties

Beautiful fresh fragrance

Mitigation of water hardness

Antistatic properties

Preventing limescale buildup on washing machine components

Find the perfect variant for your fabrics:

Perlux kapsułki

Perlux Hybrid White Laundry Capsules

They help preserve the snow-white color of fabrics and protect them from graying.

Perlux Hybrid Color laundry capsules

They guarantee bright, vivid colors and protect clothes from fading.

Perlux kapsułki
Perlux kapsułki

Perlux Hybrid Black & Jeans laundry capsules

They ensure that the color depth of black and denim fabrics is maintained.

Directions for use

Put the capsule in the empty drum of the washing machine, then put the laundry on the capsules and turn on the washing machine, using the appropriate washing program. For heavily soiled laundry, you can use two capsules.

Kapsułki Piorące Perlux
Kapsułki piorące Perlux