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Laundry tips

Perlux kapsułki

Washing jeans pants

  1. Before you start: remember to wash jeans separately, not with other fabrics
  2. Fasten the zippers and buttons
  3. Turn the jeans inside out
  4. Don’t overdo it with a large amount of laundry detergent (one capsule of Perlux Black & Jeans is enough)
  5. Wash jeans on the “Delicate” program, at a wash temperature of max. 30 degrees

Stain removal of fabrics

  1. It’s best to remove the stain right away
  2. Dip the stain in water
  3. Apply a stain remover (such as Perlux oxygen-based stain remover) to the stain.
  4. Leave for 5 minutes, not allowing the agent to dry out
  5. Then wash in the washing machine or by hand
Perlux kapsułki
Perlux kapsułki

How to make ironing easier for yourself?

  1. Try not to turn on the spin speed too high while washing
  2. Use PERLUX fabric softener to soften fabrics
  3. Hang up the laundry immediately after the wash cycle is complete
  4. Przed rozwieszaniem prania strzepnij je porządnie kilka razy
  5. Use clothespins, hook them on the seams
  6. Hang your shirts on hangers. This will make them fit better

How to clean a washing machine quickly and effectively?

Just drop 2 PERLUX capsules into an empty washing machine drum and set the washing program to 60 degrees. After such a procedure, your washing machine will be clean and fragrant!

Perlux kapsułki
Perlux kapsułki

6 things not to tumble dry

  1. Women’s underwear – bras
  2. Microfiber tights
  3. Sequin fabrics
  4. Leather fabrics
  5. Lace fabrics
  6. Swimsuits